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Plumbers in Epsom and Surrey | Gas Cookers, Hobs and Fires

Our company consists of Gas Safe registered installers with many years of combined trade and industry experience. Only accredited engineers should install gas cookers, hobs and fires. If you use an unregistered tradesman and your property is affected by a poor quality installation, your insurance policy could be invalidated in the event of a claim.


The biggest danger that homeowners face by not using a registered engineer is carbon monoxide poisoning. More than 50 people in the UK die every year as a result of carbon monoxide leaks in the home. This is often the result of poorly installed appliances. At Amber Plumbers, we never take chances with this silent and potentially deadly killer.


We undertake gas cooker and gas fire installations throughout South London and Surrey in full compliance with the industry’s latest guidelines and safe working practices. Our engineers only use recommended fittings. We never cut corners by installing appliances with unbranded parts that could pose a safety risk to homeowners in the future.


A Full Range of Supply and Installation Services

At Amber Plumbers of Epsom, gas safety is something that we’re always looking to reinforce. To ensure our customers enjoy many years of problem-free use from gas cookers, hobs and fires, we have a full range of maintenance services available to support the installation side of our business operation.


Regular servicing and maintenance help to keep appliances working efficiently. Over a series of years, an efficient gas cooker or gas fire will cover the cost of routine servicing many times over. Perhaps more importantly, periodic inspections help us to identify potential problems at the earliest stage, and to reduce of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Oil Boiler Servicing and Repairs

Amber Plumbers are one of the few companies in Surrey to provide servicing and repair work on both gas and oil boilers. Based in Epsom, we cover all major towns and locations in the local area, such as Cobham, Esher and Leatherhead, plus all parts of South London. We recommend that oil boilers should be serviced annually. Regular maintenance increases the overall lifespan of the boiler system and saves money on potentially expensive repairs.


Oil nozzles have a tendency to block during periods of sustained use. This reduces the heat to oil ratio, making the boiler inefficient and more costly to run. An annual service helps to maintain oil boiler efficiency and eliminates problems with performance. Annual servicing is also important if you want to maintain your manufacturer warranty.


Oil boilers contain photocells that become glazed due the combination of heat and soot. Photocells are a vital safety feature because they detect if the flame is alight.


Once they are glazed, they can’t monitor the flame with full efficiency and this frequently causes the boiler to shut down. This is not only inconvenient, but regular starting and stopping of an oil boiler makes it less energy efficient.


One of the by-products from oil boiler use is carbon monoxide. Although safe in small and controlled amounts, exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal. There are over 50 deaths in the UK each year caused by carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. Regular servicing helps boilers to burn efficiently and lowers the carbon monoxide produced.


Amber Plumbers can undertake oil boiler servicing and repairs for domestic and commercial clients within a large radius of our home in Epsom. Once you become a customer, we’ll send out a reminder each year to let you know that your next service is due. We offer standard pricing on oil boiler servicing and we never tie customers down with annual contracts.

LPG Gas Services

At Amber Plumbers, we feel proud to have such a wide and diverse service range. We cover all parts of South London and Surrey. Surrey, in particular, has many locations where there is no natural gas supply available. Our Gas Safe registered plumbers are qualified to work with liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and to provide a safe installation service.


When your property doesn’t have a natural gas supply, LPG bottles or bulk storage units provide a suitable and alternative energy source. There are many different LPG services that our company can provide including:

  • The replacement or installation of changeover valves, allowing property owners to use two or more LPG bottles simultaneously or sequentially
  • A full conversion from natural gas to liquid petroleum gas (LPG)
  • LPG appliance servicing undertaken by accredited and certificated tradesmen. Very few companies in the local area specialise in LPG work
  • A fast and responsive service if you smell LPG in your home or around the area where bottles are stored. A prompt response to your call is always assured under these circumstances
  • Amber Plumbers can perform full boiler servicing and safety checks on LPG systems


The Benefits of using LPG

More and more property owners in rural areas are choosing LPG over electricity because it is cleaner, more convenient and highly efficient. LPG provides a wealth of end user benefits:

  • With the flick of a switch, LPG installations provide an instant heat source
  • LPG gas heating is instant, adjustable and warms homes faster than electricity
  • LPG is cheap to run and energy-efficient. In comparison to electricity, it is much more economical
  • Gas has the lowest of all fuel source emissions. It produces no ash or smoke during burning
  • Professional installation ensures LPG gas is safe to use in any environment
  • There is a sufficient supply of LPG gas available to make it worth considering for long-term use

For gas oil or LPG installation and maintenance services in South London and Surrey, dial Amber Plumbers on (020) 8395 5555.

We look forward to receiving your call.

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